Buying a house is a stressful process. Negotiating mistakes could cost you a pretty penny. Losing your dream house stings like your first heartbreak. And then there’s the rare, yet possible, chance your seller and seller’s agent don’t follow through with the terms of your offer contract, and ghost you and your agent.

In fact, we recently dealt with a situation like that…

Let’s let Halyna, our client we helped through this tricky situation, explain what happened in her own words:

“I have worked with several Real Estate agents before and during the pandemic, but they just didn't work out especially as the pandemic/market got worse. My husband & I are so grateful that we met Heather, Mike, & Dina of the Origin team. They helped my sister sell her home while she was also purchasing a new home. All in Costa Mesa.

My sister raved about how they made the transactions so smooth, quick, and low-stress! With all the stress surrounding the pandemic real estate market, it was very reassuring to have Origin by our side. They took the time to re-group and re-strategize with us during the quick/ever-changing market. They gave us hope when we started to feel discouraged. They were extremely accommodating when it came to meeting up to see houses, and they were quick to reach out to seller's agents when we showed interest in a home. Their patience (they definitely had a LOT of this), dedication, and hard work allowed us to close on a duplex in Aug 2021 & locked in a 2.99% rate at a great price in the South Coast Metro area!

Their help didn't stop here either - the SELLER and his AGENT FAILED to follow through with the terms of our offer agreement/contract. They even became unresponsive. It's as though the seller's agent abandoned everything once we closed! If you want to know his name, DM me! Origin had no tolerance for this and they had our backs the entire time and fought for us even when they didn't have to! To Heather, Mike, & Dina - words cannot describe how thankful we are for all of your hard work, patience, compassion, and understanding. These were challenging times for everyone, but you remained positive, hopeful, and flexible.

You all have beautiful hearts and are a true blessing from God! We are so happy to have crossed paths with you! Because of you, my husband & I have began our dream of real estate investing with the purchase of our first home/investment property! We're also pregnant now! Truly, from the bottom of our hearts - Thank You!”

Starting their real estate investing dreams AND growing their family, talk about a double-win! Nothing makes us happier than receiving glowing reviews like this.

But here’s the unfortunate part:

Sometimes you have to deal with shady sellers and seller’s agents, like the one Halyna refers to. It was an ugly process when they stopped responding to us. And something we don’t want to happen to any buyers we work with.

Buying a house is already stressful enough without your sellers disregarding your contract.

We like to think of ourselves as your home-buying counselors. We aren’t afraid to get dirty and do whatever we need to help you close on your dream house. In fact, we even joke about being your Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction.

Whether that means…

* Rethinking your strategy because of a changing market
* Giving you a dose of hope if you feel discouraged
* Accommodating you to every house you want to check out (even if you have a long list)
* Fiercely negotiate on your behalf
* Reaching out to seller agents lickity split when you fall in love with a house
* Hunting down your seller and their agent when they don’t abide by your contract and go radio silence mode on you when you reach out
* Helping you secure the best rates and prices
* Launching your real estate investing dreams
* Answering any call you have no matter the day or time

…or just lending a helping hand when you need a friend or advice.

There’s a reason why we maintain a 5-star rating across Google and Zillow:

Your friendship and business will always be our top priority — from when you first call our offices to long after you close on your house.

If you’d like our assistance whether you’re buying, selling, or heck, even starting your real estate investing dreams, call us at 949-229-2208. We don’t charge anything for your initial consultation.

And if you know anyone who wants to make the real estate process fun (yes, that’s possible!), send them our way. Your referral is our highest compliment.

P.S. Besides sending us a referral, the next best way you can help us is by leaving a glowing review on our Google My Business page here.

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