“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” 

— Jay-Z

After helping more entrepreneurs than I can count, I’ve realized something: 

There’s a certain “threat” that comes for every entrepreneur. 

And this threat is the difference between the life of your dreams — where your business continues to grow and scale, your financial health keeps improving, and you unlock the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want without worrying about your business. 


This threat could lead to a mediocre life — where you work 80-hour weeks just to pay your bills, your family never sees you, and your life moves from one gut-wrenching situation to the next. 

And you know what? 

It’s as counterintuitive as it gets. 

So, what’s this threat? 


Here’s what I mean: 

Nothing makes entrepreneurs feel more fulfilled than starting their own successful business. 

But success comes with a nasty side effect: 

Here’s what happens: 

Every business owner I’ve worked with became successful in their business by having their nose to the grindstone and hustling. 

But this plants the seed of sabotage and destruction if you’re not careful. 


Because as your business grows, you must ask for help. 

In fact, if you don’t ask for help, it makes business growth impossible. In the few rare cases where you’re able to grow your business without asking for help, it becomes unsustainable and leads to self-sabotage (without even realizing it). 

Because one day, you’ll become so burned out, you’d rather do anything else than continue working for a psychopath, i.e. yourself. 

Which brings me to the point: 

What got you to where your business is today, cannot, by definition, get you to where you’re going. 

You must ask for help to run your business, so you can work “on” your business instead of “in” your business. 

But here’s the problem: 

Most entrepreneur’s ego tricks them into believing only they can work in their business. They’re scrappy enough to start a business, but now they’re scared to death of failing. 

In other words: 

They’re playing not to lose instead of playing to win. 

Here’s why I bring it up: 

If you have a business, but you’re stuck trying to unlock massive growth (and the freedom you’ll experience that comes with it), I want to help. 

Yes, I can help you find better locations for your business, expand into other markets, and provide legal advice because I used to be an attorney.

But my real “superpower” as your real estate consultant? 

After helping hundreds of entrepreneurs scale their business, I can be your unpaid business partner. 

I’ll help you avoid the traps of destruction most entrepreneurs fall into. 

I’ll help you brainstorm new and creative ways to grow your business. 

And most importantly? 

I’ll help you get out of your own way, so your business runs on “autopilot.” 

Not only can your business grow without your involvement, but it wants to. You just have to let it. 

And when you let it grow without you? 

You’ll have more freedom than you ever dreamed possible.

Want to take your family on a 6-month vacation and work the bare minimum? We can make it happen. 

Only want to work a few days a week, so you don’t have to miss your kid’s baseball or soccer game again? We can make it happen. 

Ready to start another lucrative business while your current one keeps the money rolling in? I’m ready if you are.

But, and this is a big BUT, you must get out of your way first. 

And don’t worry — I can help you with that too. 

If you need help unlocking massive growth in your business — whether you’re expanding to new locations, buying a property and loaning it out, or need mindset coaching so you can get out of your own way, call me at 949-229-2208. 

I don’t charge anything for your initial consultation. And, 6 months from now, you may look back on this phone call as the best thing you’ve ever done for your business. 

Call 949-229-2208 for your initial consultation today, and let’s see how we can partner to unlock more wealth and freedom in your business and life. 

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And who knows, by leaving a review, you might help someone who will one day become your next business partner. 

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