About Origin Real Estate

We are a premium real estate firm based in Southern California. Our flexible and rich knowledge base of the industry helps clients. From first-time homebuyers to entrepreneurs looking for commercial space to retirees read to relax, we are ready to bring you home.

Our team is different. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals include attorneys, MBAs, contractors, and property managers - all of whom work together with you to achieve your goals.

Using our data-driven, analytical approach, we quickly provide our clients with a high level of expertise.

Origin Real Estate is a boutique real estate firm.

Service Area

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, our forces can easily cover the entire Southern California region. Using our data-driven, analytical approach, we quickly provide our clients with the high level of expertise that you expect.  

Our Mission

At Origin, we strive on making connections to help you succeed, plant new roots, and celebrate your new ventures. We believe in our ethos of helping others and making a difference by staying active in our communities. We value relationships and strive to add remarkable value in unexpected ways in everything we do.

As your trusted advisor, we leverage the talents and industry expertise of our team to provide honest and strategic advice for your real estate needs.

Meet our founders

Get to know your experts on a personal level!

Heather Reeves

Heather brings a diverse background in Real Estate, Negotiations, business and finance to the Origin Team... (see full bio)

Dina Clem

Dina Clem is our Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder... (see full bio)

Michael Clem

Michael Clem is our Chief Compliance Officer and Co-founder... (see full bio)